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The SGA Skippy List Challenge
The Military Can Go Fic Itself.
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1st-May-2006 03:12 pm - Skippy Fic Challenge Master List
SGA Rodney Oh!
This is where we'll house links for all the completed fics:

SGA Skippy Fiction Master List

Title: Death Be Not Squeaky
Author: Teaphile / teaphile
Genre: Gen. Duet tag.
Rating: L for language.
Prompt / Summary: 102. Rodents are not entitled to burial with full military honors, even if they are 'casualties of war'.
1st-May-2006 11:49 am - Stories Due!
SGA Partners in Crime
Remember, if you're writing for the skippylist challenge, entries are now due. Please post a link in the comments and we'll gather all the stories together into one posting. Thanks for participating!
21st-Jan-2006 04:06 pm - SGA Skippy List Challenge
SGA Rodney Oh!
Set up so we can write insane fic for Stargate: Atlantis:

Skippy's List Link

Also up for consideration, Jane St. Clair's SGA Skippy List ... 'cause you can never have too many Cracktastic ideas. If you're taking one of these just say it's the Jane list.

Skippy's List in its EntiretyCollapse )

Rules (More like Guidelines Really):
1) Leave a comment saying what number you're writing. For simplicity, use this format:

Item number:

ETA: If you want to incorporate more than one idea into a story, that's fine, although it would probably work best if one of them is the major focus. More than one person may also sign up for a particular number if you want. The point is to generate more fic and have fun. If you want to write more than one story, sign-up for the second, after you finish the first. Sign-ups will remain open throughout.

2) When you've finished writing, post the story or a link here. I'll put together a page with all the links at the end. You can write gen, het, slash, any rating, any length. Just write.

3) Stories due April 30, 2006. Lots of time for everyone.

4) Please pimp to the highest powers. Crossposted to mckay_sheppard and sga_noticeboard.
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